Just answer these trivia questions correctly - and post to our Facebook account - and you might win this cool kit!

Did you miss out on our last trivia contest? Here's your chance to win again! This time, we're giving away a full prize pack donated by the friendly folks at Jeep.

All you have to do is "Like" our Facebook page and correctly answer all of these questions by responding to our wall post announcing this contest and you'll be automatically entered! The giveaway starts now and ends in one week. The Leftlane staff will randomly select one winner from all of the correct answers.

The questions

1). What company did Walter P. Chrysler become head of upon his leaving General Motors in 1920?

2). Jeep partnered with an apparel manufacturer in the 1970s for a series of special edition models. What was apparel firm and what made the special editions so special?

3). What was the last production Jeep vehicle built for North American consumers with a leaf spring-type suspension?

The prize pack

You'll receive a Jeep/Nike golf shirt (choose from L or XL), a Jeep cap, a Jeep Patriot travel mug, a Jeep flash light and a Jeep insulated lunch bag.

We can only accept mailing addresses in the United States or Canada for the winner.