GM confirms plan to import Commodore as U.S. cop car

by Nick Aziz
GM confirms plan to import Commodore as U.S. cop car

The Holden Commodore enjoyed a brief run as the Pontiac G8 in the United States, but that came to an end with the demise of Pontiac this summer. Although GM has denied plans to sell a rebadged Commodore as a Chevrolet to U.S. consumers, the automaker might have a new set of customers: American police departments.

In an Australian media interview, GM CEO Fritz Henderson confirmed recent rumors about a Commodore police cruiser for America. He said his company is making good progress toward a deal with several U.S. law enforcement agencies. Such deals could involve tens of thousands of cars per year, Henderson said.

"We've been working on a package for police applications. I think that's going to work," Henderson told the Sydney Morning Herald. "We're pretty optimistic about."

A Holden spokesman confirmed the negotiations. "When the Pontiac deal fell through we said then it was a shame, it was a great car, but understood the reasons for it," said Scott Whiffin. "And we said then we would get up, dust ourselves off, and find other opportunities. And that work has pretty much been going on since that was announced."