General Motors held a public Web Chat with Mark Reuss, North America president, and Christopher Barger, Director of Global Communications Technology, who answered questions from the general public. Among the questions was whether or not the U.S. will be getting a two-door variant of the Cruze coupe or a ZETA-based rear-wheel drive car.

Mark Reuss has only been at the helm of GM North America for a short time, but that hasn't stopped him from being involved in a major restructuring of management, shifting advertising focus and now answering the public's dire questions about the future of GM.

One question that was asked was whether or not there will be a two-door Chevy Cruze, to which Reuss replied, "2 door cruze is a nice idea, and it may show up in the global market. As we have 2 door Cobalts currently, NA would naturally look at a Cruze 2 door, but I believe our small car portfolio will be WAY beyond what it is now, so a 2 door something still is needed."

Reuss strongly suggested that a Cruze Coupe may be on the horizon, which would follow their product offering history as well as the competitors' offerings in the segment.

Another question burning in the backs of minds across America, will the U.S. get an Australian-sourced ZETA platform-based rear-wheel drive sedan in the future?

Reuss said, "quite possibly." Although Reuss obviously stopped far short of giving anything resembling confirmation, or even suggesting which vehicle might see use of the ZETA platform. His answer does give hope to those still seeking RWD options in a market that is trending towards more fuel efficient front-wheel drive vehicles.

Another consumer questioned if GM would be making a shift away from larger trucks and SUVs and move into smaller and more 'urban' vehicles.

"GM was primarily a truck based portfolio in the past, we see that gas prices are volatile at the least. We need to be a company that is agile and responsive from a capacity and sales standpoint. So, GM will provide in a fast way, the products that the market demands---quickly and with high quality and safety as we do today. So, that includes the vehicles that have a great duty cycle for work, play, and commuting efficiently and safety with a lot of fun and style," typed Reuss.

Reuss also addressed the recent dip in sales for the Cadillac brand, but showed confidence in the strong products that will help return volume to the brand's sales figures.