General Motors' precarious financial situation has left several projects up in the air, including the company's Cadillac Converj production plans. The Chevrolet Volt-based luxury coupe has been hanging in the balance since its January debut at the Detroit Auto Show, but GM's remaining executive board is reportedly in favor of giving the Converj the production nod.

General Motors originally planned to have a production version of the Cadillac Converj in showrooms by late 2011, but the company's Chapter 11 filing put a quick end to that plan. The Converj project has been on-again, off-again since that June filing, but those within GM - namely vice chairman Bob Lutz - are said to be largely favoring moving forward with the program.

The departures of Troy Clarke and Mark McNabb - GM's former heads of Cadillac, Hummer and Saab and big opponents of the Converj project - are also helping the Converj's production prospects. Those that remain with GM are in support of the Converj, with production possible by 2014, according to Business Week.

Despite its close ties with the Chevy Volt, look for the production Converj to take its own path. To uphold the Cadillac image the Converj will likely boast more power than the Volt, slightly eroding the Volt's claimed 230mpg. Pricing will also be befit of a Cadillac, with MSRP set to be at least a few thousand above the Volt's price tag.