General Motors may be in the middle of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, but the Detroit-based automaker opened one of the most technologically advanced battery labs in the country earlier this week. Based in Warren, Michigan, the new plant intended to keep GM at the forefront of advanced battery technology.

The new Global Battery Systems Lab will help GM speed electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to market, such as the upcoming Chevrolet Volt. The new battery lab will also help GM with the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

"The new global GM battery lab will benefit consumers across America by helping us advance the development of battery technology in the United States and put cleaner, more efficient vehicles on the road more quickly and affordably," said Fritz Henderson, GM president and CEO. "Our new lab improves GM's competitiveness by speeding the development of our hybrid, plug-in and extended-range electric vehicles, including the Chevrolet Volt."

The new lab covers 33,000 square feet - roughly four times larger than GM's previous battery facility. More than 1,000 engineers will be employed by the Global Battery Systems Lab.