Following GM's aggressive anti-aluminum propaganda, a composite bed could help dodge criticisms of hypocrisy.

General Motors is reportedly planning to introduce carbon fiber beds for its pickup trucks.

The company will initially use the lightweight material on premium packages, unnamed sources have told The Wall Street Journal.

If true, the move is presumably aimed at reducing weight for improved fuel economy and performance. GM would also have new bragging rights in its war against segment dominator Ford.

The beds will undoubtedly raise production costs, however selective availability on flagship trim levels aligns with an apparent growing willingness for some buyers to pony up more than $60,000 for a fully appointed pickup.

A carbon bed could also help GM dodge any hypocrisy criticism that will inevitably arise if Chevrolet and GMC pickups ever switch to aluminum body panels in the wake of the relentless and ridiculous propaganda campaign against the aluminum-clad F-150.