The facility was seized by the Venezuelan government Wednesday.

The General Motors Venezoala (GMV) production facility in Valencia, Venezuela was seized yesterday by government authorities, prompting GM to call on its local workforce to stay home.

The GMV plant, along with associated assets such as bank accounts and production equipment, are no longer under the company's control. AP is reporting that vehicles and other property may also have been removed from the facility.

"GMV is taking all legal measures within its reach in order to protect the rights of its workers and their property," the company said in a statement.

According to UPI, GM has told its local employees not to go to work. With GMV's bank accounts outside of the company's control, it does not have the means to pay them.

According to the wire service, a local media outlet has indicated that justification for the seizure may have originated with a lawsuit filed against GM "[...] by a former landowner in Maracaibo."