GM has enough full-size trucks on its lots today to last clear into next year, but it appears the automaker is preparing to launch its next-gen truck in 2012.

General Motors has a serious oversupply of full-size pickups sitting on dealer lots across the nation right now, but it appears America's largest automaker may be preparing to launch the next-gen Silverado and Sierra pickups in 2012.

This revelation comes from Don Johnson, sales head for GM in the U.S., who said to AutoWeek, "We have some scheduled plant downtime in 2012 as we convert to the next generation of our pickups." Johnson wouldn't confirm exactly when in 2012 the planned plant conversion would take place.

This development may be in direct response to the automaker's inability to move the metal with its current-generation full-size trucks, but it also comes as a surprise to most. In 2008 GM said it was totally stopping development of its next-gen trucks and large SUVs, instead focusing funds on more fuel-efficient products. As a result, it was believed the next-gen trucks wouldn't arrive any sooner than 2013.

But wait - not so fast
Even though GM's Johnson says the next-gen trucks will come in 2012, other representatives at GM still insist the production will not begin until 2013 and the trucks will arrive as 2014 model year vehicles.

The confusion apparently stemmed from the fact that there will supposedly be some retooling that occurs in 2012 (likely late), but actual production changes will be pushed into 2013. Whatever the case, it appears things have been less than concrete at GM regarding the future of full-size trucks, with executives suggesting fast-tracking one month and directly contradicting that suggestion soon after.

Whatever the case, Leftlane will continue to follow the development of GM's next-gen trucks and be sure to report back to you.

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