The fallout from the temporary closure of one plant operating in the U.S. for GM has now spilled over to a second plant, responsible for providing engines to the truck plant.

Due to a bottleneck in parts following the devastation in Japan, General Motors was forced to temporarily close its Shreveport, Louisiana, plant, which is responsible for producing the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon. Now, the fallout has taken its toll even further, causing GM to temporarily lay off workers at a supply plant that feeds the operations in Shreveport.

While GM will not be totally closing the Tonawanda engine plant in Buffalo, New York, the automaker says it will be temporarily laying off 59 of its 623 workers at the plant, according to The Detroit Free Press. The 59 workers will continue to be compensated roughly 75 percent of their working wages, despite not having to report to work until circumstances change.

GM failed to specify exactly which parts caused the work stoppage, nor did the automaker have an expected date to return to full capacity.


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