America's sports car will soon hit the market in South Korea.

General Motors has announced that the Chevrolet Corvette, often known as America's sports car, will soon be offered for sale in South Korea for the first time.

The Corvette will be sold in coupe form starting at 86.4 million won, or roughly $76,300. That number is a significant jump over the car's $49,600 base price in the United States and is partially due to taxes.

The 'Vette's South Korean launch comes as part of GM's strategy to reposition Chevrolet as a global brand following the discontinuation of the Daewoo nameplate in a number of markets. The Corvette will be the bowtie brand's ninth model in South Korea, with other offerings including the Captiva, Camaro and Aveo.

"The Corvette Coupe will raise the bar for the brand and products, and broaden our base of Chevrolet customers in Korea," GM Korea Chief Executive Sergio Rocha said in a statement.

Sales of the Corvette in South Korea will begin on May 4.