General Motors has officially confirmed that it will export a right-hand drive version of its upcoming Camaro to the European market. The UK should see about 1,000 Camaro coupes and 1,000 Camaro convertibles per year, with all three Camaro variants being represented -- base V6, Z28 and SS.

However, it remains unclear how GM will market the Camaro in Europe. Since its Chevrolet brand is marketed as a budget brand, GM could offer the Camaro under its own brand, like it does with the Corvette in Europe. But Chevrolet is in the midst of a brand expansion in Europe, so the most logical choice will probably be to sell the Camaro at Chevrolet dealers.

Whatever the case, GM has some time to think about it as the Camaro coupe won't hit the European market until early 2010 with the convertible following a year later.

The report by Autocar also suggests that one Camaro model will be equipped with a 400 horsepower 6.0L V8. This engine is presumably GM's LS2 powerplant -- the same used in the Pontiac G8 -- and will likely power the Z28 model.

That power figure can also give us a rough estimate what to expect from the other models since GM will want to keep an orderly progression. The base V6 should be powered by the same powerplant used in the Cadillac CTS, with an output in the neighborhood of 300 ponies. The SS will need more grunt than the Z28's 400 horsepower, so look for it to have at least 450, but the final figure will probably be closer to 500.