In its last year in existence, the historic Pontiac brand won't go out with much of a bang. Parent company General Motors has announced that only the Toyota-built Pontiac Vibe will be available to consumers hoping to get their last taste of the more than 80-year-old "driving excitement" brand.

Pontiac had already announced the departure of the performance-oriented G8 flagship, but we've now learned that the brand's two rebadged models, the G3 (Chevrolet Aveo-based) and G5 (Chevrolet Cobalt-based) will be killed off for good and the mainstream G6 sedan will only be available to government, corporate and rental fleet buyers.

The Vibe, built in California by the GM-Toyota NUMMI joint venture, continues mostly unchanged for the new model year. Air conditioning will now be standard, instead of optional, a luggage rack shows up as an option on all-wheel-drive variants and a new Ignition Orange exterior shade replaces Mystic Blue metallic.