In an interview published today, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz called the new Corvette the "best sports car in the world." Lutz, who formerly worked at Chrysler, once called the Dodge Viper the best sports car ever. "At the time I said that about Viper, it was a legitimate thing to say, because that car was the best back then. The first generation Viper, for its time, was an excellent car. Personally, I think it has now gone sideways in terms of styling, ride and handling: it follows ruts in the road much too much and it's really a very difficult car to drive now." Not the case with the Corvette, says Lutz. "Corvette is dead easy to drive and has a better power-to-weight ratio. The Z06 version is the absolute killer car. I think it's going to boggle minds when people drive that thing with its aluminium chassis, carbon fibre body panels and all. So yeah, Corvette is a solid hit."