GM will launch a new generation of compact pickups in the U.S. next year.

Chevrolet will launch its next-generation of mid-size pickup trucks in the United States market next year, the Detroit-based automaker confirmed on Tuesday.

GM North America President Mark Reuss revealed at a press event earlier on Tuesday that new mid-size trucks under the Chevrolet and GMC banners will launch sometime next year. That timeframe matches up with previous reports.

The new trucks will succeed the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Caynon, but Reuss says GM hasn't decided if those nameplates will necessarily carryover to the new models.

"We're researching the names as we do any new products to see where the legacy names are, do they mean something to people," Reuss told The Detroit News.

In addition to the nameplates, the attitudes of the trucks might also change. Rather than offer two trucks separate by only a badge, Reuss indicated that the next Colorado will take on a lifestyle vibe while the Canyon successor will toe GMC's "Professional Grade" tagline.

"We're going to really target different buyers with these two trucks," Reuss told reporters. "We'd love to have a truck like a Chevrolet midsize truck go really attack the West Coast with a lifestyle truck that is really beautiful and fun. It's a different positioning than a semi serious duty cycle truck that we might do with a GMC Canyon."

Reuss added that the GMC truck will have "95 percent duty cycle of big Sierra with a lot more fuel economy."

Reuss declined to give details about the trucks' powertrains, but said a diesel engine was under consideration. The mid-size trucks won't share any engines with their larger counterparts, the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra.

GM will build both trucks, which will likely debut by year's end, at its Wentzville Assembly Plant in Missouri.