GoE3 announces plans for the nations first coast-to-coast EV charging network.

Arizon's GoE3 plans to have the nation's first coast-to-coast EV charging station network. The company will install 500 EV chargers on interstates by 2015, making owning an EV somewhat more practical option for more people.

GoE3 will have a charger placed at around 50 to 75 mile intervals along the I-40, I-10, I-20 and the I-70 highways, with the first 50 expected to be rolled out by April 21. The remaining 450 will be installed progressively over the following 18-36 months. A complete route from Flagstaff to Tucson has been secured.

The chargers will comprise a mix of Level 2 and Level 3 types allowing for the charging of a range of different cars. A Level 3 charge, for example, will cost customers $12.50 and will take anywhere between 10-45 minutes to complete. Currently, the only long-range EVs that are expected to take advantage of the new network are Chevy Volts and Tesl's range -- though GoE3 expects its network to further spur consumer, corporate and government adoption of EVs.

"?If the national goal is having one million electric vehicles on American roads by 2015, we must all work harder to shift perceptions on how useful, practical and affordable electrical vehicle travel can be,' said GoE3 founder and CEO Bruce Brimacombe. "?Electric vehicles require little maintenance and cost of ownership is low aside from the battery replacement and this will come down in time,' he added.

GoE3 is one of a number of organisations, both public and private, hoping to move the EV industry forward. According to some industry estimates, US customers are expected to purchase around 140,000 EVs in 2014, with combined EV and hybrid sales hitting around 300,000 units annually by 2015. GoE3 will add its charging network to the 2,600 charging stations already in operation throughout the US.