Gumpert expects to sell four or five cars next quarter as it looks for new investors.

Boutique supercar maker Gumpert is slowly but surely getting back on its feet, as per a company announcement earlier this week. The company was near bankruptcy after failing to launch in the Chinese market.

With insolvency proceedings, or a reorganization of its operations, under way as of the middle of October, the administrator of the proceedings believes business will continue permanently and sustainably. Görge Scheid is handling this, and the first new car sale was made soon after he took charge.

Negotiations with investors are also in process, with proof that there is demand for the handmade Apollo supercar among Germans and the wealthy in overseas markets as well driving them.

"Next quarter we expect to sell four to five cars," said the company's managing director, Roland Gumpert. The global dealer market was also restarted, so it's possible to fill orders from China, Japan, Turkey, and the Middle East.

"We strongly assume that we will find an investor and save all 25 jobs in Altenburg, [Germany]," Scheid added.

The Apollo uses an Audi-sourced, twin-turbocharged 4.2-liter V8 that makes at least 650 horsepower in standard cars. Prices start at the equivalent of about $380,000. Its top speed is rated at 224mph, while the 0-62mph sprint is said to take just 3.1 seconds.