Audi is said to be developing a hardcore version of its TT sports car.

Audi is said to be developing a track-focused version of its next-generation TT sports car. Likened to Porsche's 911 GT3, the hardcore version of the TT would arrive with a lightened curb weight and a roll cage.

Audi boss Wolfgang Durheimer reportedly confirmed to the UK's Autocar that the TT project is getting serious consideration from Volkswagen brass. Described as a 'multi-material' version of the next-generation TT, the so-called TT GT3 would rely on a mixture of steel, aluminum and carbon fiber to achieve a curb weight of just 2,200 pounds.

Like most future VW products, the next TT will ride on the automaker's MQB architecture.

Despite the car's weight target, the hardcore TT will use a five-cylinder engine and will also employ Audi's signature Quattro all-wheel drive system. A roll cage will also be part of the package, ensuring the utmost safety and rigidity.

Audi has shown it is keen to improve the TT's performance image with the introductions of TT-S and TT RS models. The TT GT3 could continue that lineage, but VW has yet to officially give the car the production nod.

Photo by Mark Elias