Henrik Fisker relaunches car company, eyes revolutionary battery tech

by Justin King
Henrik Fisker relaunches car company, eyes revolutionary battery tech

The company promises to show a 'spiritual successor' to the Karma by the second half of next year.

Henrik Fisker's name could soon appear on another exclusive electric vehicle, billed as a spiritual successor to the Karma.

Fisker Automotive ceased production in 2012 and sold its assets to China's Wanxiang, however Henrik retained ownership of the trademarks and branding. Wanxiang has since renamed the automaker using the term Karma, while the former Karma sedan is now known as the Revero.

Fisker has since relaunched his car company and resumed work on a premium EV, according to a recent interview with Bloomberg. The company had been operating in 'stealth mode' while it reviewed cutting-edge battery technologies.

"Now we have the technology that nobody else has," Fisker claims. "And there is nobody even close to what we are doing out there."

The automaker now has a dedicated battery division, Fisker Nanotech, that is led by noted entrepreneur Jack Kavanaugh. The alleged breakthrough is said to involve technology created by UCLA professors, promising to deliver more than 400 miles of driving range with longevity that matches the life of the vehicle.

Henrik Fisker has already proven himself capable of designing cars, from his own Karma to the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, however most battery breakthroughs have failed to complete the transition from laboratory proof-of-concept stage to the assembly line.

"We have already developed prototypes that you won't see anywhere else," Kavanaugh insists.

Fisker promises the Karma's spiritual successor will look completely different, with more headroom and legroom than its nearest competitors. The company hopes to show the car by the second half of next year.