Daring onlookers risk life and limb to save a stranger from a burning auto accident.

It goes without saying that every time someone gets in a car or on a motorcycle and hits the open road they are putting themselves at risk of injury or death, but for one motorcyclist in Logan, Utah, a group of strangers can be attributed with keeping his outing limited to injuries - not death.

The heroic actions by a group of onlookers, ranging from construction workers, to random motorists, are the reason a motorcyclist that became trapped under a newer BMW 5-Series sedan is in a hospital and not a morgue.

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Local News KSL 5 obtained video of the entire daring rescue, which began after the motorcyclist ditched his bike and ended up sliding under the BMW he collided with. The motorcycle then burst into flames, catching the car on fire as well.

It was at this point that bystanders realized that the man who had previously been riding said motorcycle was trapped under the car, just feet from a raging gasoline-fueled inferno. Without hesitation some of the onlookers attempted to lift the car off of the man, which took a few attempts before the car was successfully lifted and the motorcyclist extracted from underneath the car.

Due to the seriousness of the collision, the man, later identified as Brandon Wright, was unconscious and complete trapped under the car. The motorcyclist was determined to have suffered many broken bones and is listed in critical condition at the Intermountain Medical Center where he was taken.

Since the accident, the motorcyclist took the time to speak with media, thanking those who risked their lives to save his.

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When asked about the rescue effort, Jeff Curtis, assistant Police Chief in Logan, said, "I'm impressed that that many people would get involved, especially where there's fire involved, the possibility of explosions and everything else."

Some of the rescuers spoke with the news crew and explained the rationale behind their risky decision to help, voicing concern that there wasn't enough time to wait for the fire crews to arrive or risk losing the motorcyclist to the fire.


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