It cost the company $1 million

Don't get high before your shift at the BMW factory. That's the message missed by two employees at the company's Munich plant, resulting in a brief shutdown of the line on March 3.

As reported by The Drive, the duo smoked marijuana on company property before starting work at the exhaust assembly line. Though German newspaper The Bild did not disclose the names of the workers in its original report, it did say one had alcohol in their system while the other had amphetamines.

The workers collapsed during their shift, prompting a 40-minute shut down. As a result, 1 million of BMW's dollars evaporated in a puff of smoke, so to speak.

According to The Bild, one of the stoned staffers was sacked and the other, surprisingly, was simply moved to another position. One of them was also taken to the hospital but it's not clear which.

Even if continued employment isn't your primary concern, it's probably not a good idea to get baked when working in an environment with lots of heavy machinery in motion. And if the exhaust falls off of your next 3-Series, you know who to blame.