You'll never need to worry about long lines at the Supercharger station again.

Dutch gasoline supplier Holthausen Group has converted a Tesla Model S to run on hydrogen. The company hopes to eventually sell its creation to the general public.

Named Hesla, the car looks just like a regular-production Model S when viewed from the outside. Holthausen describes the conversion as a "powertrain hack," according to Green Car Reports. Technical details are still vague, but the company promises a 620-mile range and a re-fueling time close to that of a comparable gasoline- or diesel-powered car. You'll never need to worry about long lines at the Supercharger station again, assuming you live within the general vicinity of a hydrogen station.

Interestingly, the Hesla offers the same amount of cabin and trunk space as the Tesla it's based on. Pure hydrogen is stored in tanks shoe-horned into "cavities," and the fuel stack that transforms the fuel into electricity is tucked away in a location where it doesn't encroach on passenger space.

Holthausen told Dutch news outlet RTV Noord the conversion would cost about 50,000 euros, a sum which represents approximately $59,000 at the current conversion rate. The company notes it has already received numerous requests from clients in Holland and abroad, but it hasn't made a firm commitment to launching production yet.

Tesla hasn't commented on the Hesla yet. Company boss Elon Musk once qualified hydrogen-powered cars as "incredibly dumb," so we doubt he's thrilled to hear about the project. One thing is for sure: don't expect Tesla to approve the conversion and distribute the Hesla through its stores anytime soon.