The car reimagines Honda's kei roadster.

Mugen, the tuner specializing in the Honda aftermarket has revealed a coupe based the S660 at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

The Mugen Garu takes the Japan-only Honda S660 and redesigns the body so much that you'd be hard pressed to identify the underlying car. Firstly, it's a good bit wider than a standard S660, with massive flared fenders both front and rear. A snouty main grille is flanked by two smaller intakes and thin headlights as well. This is odd, because the S660 is a mid-engined car.

The nacelles that sweep over the rear deck behind the headrests are gone too, replaced with buttresses. The only real giveaway that there the remnants of an S660 lurking within is the targa-style roll bar and removable roof panel.

The was no word on whether the car received any performance improvements. The base car produces just 66 horsepower from a turbocharged 3-cylinder but weighs just 1,830 pounds.

Typically, Mugen offerings visually resemble the Honda car they are based on, perhaps with the addition of a body kit or wing. Of course, Mugen's reputation is staked on engine and suspension components they've created to enhance performance, as well as building components for Honda's various race cars. We're not saying the Garu is unappealing, but perhaps Mugen should stick to its day job.