The car was created by young designers from Honda's China studio.

Honda has released a new concept sedan at the Guangzhou Motor Show, which opened in China on November 17. Called the C001, it is a design study created by Honda Design's China studio.

The C001 appears more organic in styling the current Honda offerings, with rounded fender arches and a dome-like canopy. Flowing character lines break up the visual mass of the side, with a strong character line tracing the beltline from the leading edge of the hood.

There is no grille, perhaps hinting at an electric powertrain. Door handles are hidden as well, providing an unbroken line along the length of the car. The hood appears to have some muscular sculpting as well. The headlights are wide and thin, with element seeming flowing into the fenders, perhaps to serving as turn signals or side markers.

Honda says the C001 was created largely by young designers in the company's China studio. The project was an attempt to deepen Honda's presence in the Chinese market and demonstrate the talent of its studio there. Overall, it's a strong effort, more cohesive and less busy than many of Honda's current lineup. There is no word on whether it will usher in the look of future Hondas.