The introductory lease package will be available in California and Oregon, the first states to get the five-passenger EV.

Honda has announced more launch details and lease pricing for its Clarity Electric sedan, due to arrive in August in California and Oregon.

Positioned as a larger alternative to the Nissan Leaf, the Clarity EV will be offered with an introductory lease price of $269/month. The lease already includes the federal tax credit, requires $1,730 down and includes a 20,000-mile annual allowance and roadside assistance.

The company suggests the Clarity Electric will be the only 'affordable' five-passenger electric sedan at launch, apparently referencing a comparison to the Tesla Model S that starts at $756/month for a 36-month lease. At the smaller end of the spectrum, the Leaf can be obtained for $229/month.

The Clarity arrives as a unique offering in the EV segment, focusing on size and affordability rather than range. Its 25.5-kWh battery pack has an EPA rating of 89 miles on a full charge, slightly below the Leaf's 107-mile estimate and far behind the Chevrolet Bolt's 238-mile benchmark.

Honda has not signaled any intention to offer the Clarity Electric outside of the lease program, suggesting initial production volume will be limited and each unit likely loses money.

The company presumably has higher ambitions for its Clarity Plug-in Hybrid, slated to arrive in showrooms later in 2017.