Like FCA, Honda would provide a fleet of vehicles to be modified for Waymo's autonomous test program.

Honda has confirmed that it has entered discussions with Waymo, the new company that has graduated from Google parent Alphabet's autonomous car project.

The talks are said to focus on technical collaboration and a supply agreement, modifying a fleet of Honda vehicles to support Waymo's customized suite of self-driving sensors and other necessary equipment.

"If both parties agree to enter into a formal agreement, Honda R&D engineers based in Silicon Valley, California and Tochigi, Japan, would work closely with Waymo engineers based in Mountain View, California and Novi, Michigan," the Japanese automaker said in a statement.

The announcement appears to mirror Waymo's existing deal with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to create a fleet of 100 Pacifica Hybrid minivans with roof-mounted sensor pods and autonomous capabilities. The latest comments reflect the non-exclusive nature of FCA's involvement with the startup.

The deal could help Honda accelerate and expand its self-driving development program, which currently aims to deliver vehicles with advanced semi-autonomous capabilities by the end of the decade.