Honda claims victory for Accord, Civic, CR-V and Odyssey.

With more than a week still to go in December, Honda announced Wednesday that it expects several of its models to be the top retail sellers in their respective segments.

While Toyota's Camry and combined Corolla models (now including the iM) may be #1 and #2 overall in total combined retail and fleet sales, Honda reckons the Civic and Accord will take those spots if fleet sales are excluded.

That will make the Honda Civic the top-selling compact car in retail sales, and the Honda Accord the top-selling midsize sedan.

The Honda CR-V's position is a little less context-sensitive, as it already holds the overall sales lead in the compact CUV segment for 2016. While the Toyota RAV4 is nipping at its heels, it's reasonable to expect it might finish out the year in the top-selling slot.

Whether or not that happens, Honda still expects it to be the retail sales leader in the segment by a good margin.

The final standout in Honda's lineup resides a long way down the sales charts from its siblings. The Honda Odyssey is expect to be the #1 minivan in retail sales--a somewhat dubious honor, perhaps, but still another feather in the automaker's cap.

Photo by Byron Hurd.