It will likely have semi-autonomous capabilities as well.

Honda has unveiled new technology that will help motorcycles balance themselves, even at slow speeds.

A demonstration video shows a concept motorcycle standing upright without a kickstand. The bike even manages to stay up when riders sit on it or stand on its foot pegs, without a foot touching the ground. The motorcycle also moves by itself, following its owner down a narrow hall and through a doorway at slow speeds.

Called Honda Riding Assist, the technology incorporates decades of Honda robotics research. Honda says this is all accomplished without gyroscopes, as they add weight to the bike. Instead, the motorcycle uses minute steering inputs at speeds below 3 mph to keep the bike from falling. For additional leverage, the fork pivots to extend the front wheel, elongating the wheelbase.

Such steering inputs are presumably powered by a battery, and can operate even while the engine is off. It appears electrical power extends to a semi-autonomous drive function, where it can follow its owner, and perhaps even park itself or be called to the owner's location.

Honda has been researching self-balancing machines like the ASMIO robot and Uni-Cub personal mobility device since the 1980s.