Honda is recalling is popular Odyssey minivan.

Honda has announced the recall of nearly 900,000 Odyssey minivans in the United States due to a fuel pump issue that could result in a vehicle fire.

According to Honda, Odyssey vans produced at the company's Alabama plant between June 23, 2004, and September 4, 2010, may have been fitted with a fuel pump strainer cover that is susceptible to cracking. If the cover fails, it could lead to a fuel leak and subsequent vehicle fire.

Honda is still tracking down a possible culprit for the cracking fuel pump parts, but the automaker is currently investigating chemicals from car washes and materials used in fertilizers and dust control products, according to Reuters.

In all, 886,815 Odyssey vans are covered by the recall. Because of the sheer volume of the recall, Honda doesn't expect to have the parts ready to fix the issue until late April.

Honda has not received any reports of fires or injuries linked to the recall.