Honda is calling back nearly 22,000 Civics over a valve that could crack and cause a fuel leak and subsequent fire.

Adding to the 36,656 Civics Hybrids it recalled earlier this month for an electrical issue, Honda has announced that it will ask 21,700 2011 Civic owners to bring their vehicles back to dealers to address a potential fuel leak.

Honda says that, if the 2011 Civics involved in the recall are involved in a rollover accident, a cracked roll-over valve might allow fuel to leak from the gas tank into the evaporative emissions canister. In extreme cases, this could cause a fire.

The automaker says that no crashes or injuries have been reported as a result of the faulty valve. A mere 1 percent of all 2011 models are likely to be affected, but Honda says it will recall a wide range of vehicles.

Of the recalled cars, 18,000 are in the United States and around 3,000 are in Canada. The recall affects vehicles built in Indiana, Ohio and Ontario.

Owners should receive a notice in the mail in the middle of next month. At that point, they will be instructed to visit their local dealer for a complimentary replacement.