The 'Project 2 & 4' concept borrows the RC213V MotoGP racer's powerplant.

Honda has released a teaser image for an open-wheel concept powered by a motorcycle engine.Borne of a competition between Honda's global design studios, the 'Project 2 & 4' concept was created by a collaboration between the company's motorcycle design center in Asaka, Japan, and its automobile design headquarters in Wako, Japan.

"The Honda Project 2 & 4 is the result of the company's continuous effort to create a more exciting user experience," the company said in a statement. "Honda Project 2 & 4's cabin-less structure produces an immersive driving environment combining the experience Honda has in providing the freedom of a motorcycle and the maneuverability of a car."

The open-wheel car is powered by a V4 engine borrowed from Honda's RC213V race bike for the MotoGP series. The 1,000-cc mill produces more than 215 horsepower and 87 lb-ft of torque, revving all the way up to 13,000 rpm.

Honda's announcement does not hint at production ambitions for the unique concept, which will be formally unveiled next month in Frankfurt. Buyers looking for a similar car may be able to eventually purchase Volkswagen's XL Sport, featuring Ducati's V-Twin engine from the 1199 Superleggera.