Ahead of its official introduction next month at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda has unveiled its retro-themed EV-N concept car. Looking rather like a modernized version of the Honda N360 and N600 kei cars, the EV-N boasts some innovate technology, including a custom-fitted unicycle holder.

The electric-powered EV-N is designed for tight urban spaces and short commutes in places like Tokyo, which partially explains the unicycle holder. Open the passenger door and you'll find what looks like a serious speaker setup - but it's not; it's the U3-X unicycle, which works more or less like a Segway.

A solar roof panel helps recharge the perky EV-N, while removable seat covers help keep things stylish inside. The EV-N offers a surprising amount of cargo space in back with the small rear seats folded - enough room to store three Easter eggs, as you can see in the photos.