Hulme supercar to see production in 2008

by Nick Aziz
hulme supercar to see production in 2008 - image 1

The Hulme supercar by New Zealand firm Super Cars LTD will go into production in 2008, according to gizmag. Jock Fremantle told the publication that the Hulme -- which was first previewed over a year ago -- would be built in a limited production run of 20 to 30 units. The car will have a 550 horsepower BMW V8 from the previous-generation M5 and will weigh around 2600 pounds. Visually, the car is inspired by an F1 racer. It's name is a tribute to Denny Hulme -- one of New Zealand's greatest race car drivers. It will seat two and initially be offered in the U.K. and German markets. Photos and video after the jump...