Different teams will compete to determine where the first tube transport system will be built.

HyperLoop One has finished building a full-scale test tube and announced 11 possible routes for its first deployment in the US.

The company is taking a unique approach to establishing its first pod transportation system, inviting third parties -- such as university groups, government representatives or other startups -- to compete for funding and official support to build a tube across their own proposed route.

The US semi-finalist routes include Los Angeles to San Diego; Seattle to Eugene, Oregon; Reno to Las Vegas; Cheyenne, Wyoming to Houston; Kansas City to St. Louis; Pittsburgh to Chicago; Boston to Providence, Rhode Island; and Miami to Orlando, according to a USA Today report.

The hyperloop technology could theoretically transport cargo or passengers from LA to San Diego in less than 15 minutes, or all the way from Denver to Dallas in little more than an hour.

First, HyperLoop must prove the idea is technically feasible. The startup has completed a 500-meter test tube at its Nevada site, measuring 11 feet wide for full-scale tests of propulsion systems and other necessary components. The first unmanned tests are expected to begin later this year.

"We want to build projects that will be finished, that have support and where people are cheering us on and not trying to prevent us from succeeding," says HyperLoop One head Rob Lloyd.