Hyundai Accent hatchback not coming back for 2018

by Ronan Glon
Hyundai Accent - image 1

Hyundai is worried the hatchback will steal sales from its Kona crossover.

The redesigned Hyundai Accent will arrive in showrooms as a 2018 model before the end of the year. When it lands, it will exclusively be available as a four-door sedan. The South Korean company has confirmed the hatchback body style won't return to American showrooms.

The decision will shock absolutely no one. Hyundai decided to stop offering the hatchback body style in the United States due to a lack of demand, a spokesperson told Automotive News. Low gas prices and the rising popularity of crossovers have cooled demand for small cars, and hatchbacks were never terribly popular here to begin with.

There's another reason for the Accent hatchback's demise: Hyundai's brand-new Kona crossover. Positioned a notch below the Tucson, the funky-looking Kona is scheduled to reach showrooms in the coming months. Executives worry a hatchback version of the Accent will cannibalize the Kona, which is essentially a small hatchback on stilts with rugged-looking body cladding.

The five-door variant of the Accent will carry on in overseas markets where hatchbacks still stand a fighting chance on the new car market. That's not the case on our shores, so don't expect to see the body style return in the near future. Buyers who want a Hyundai hatchback will need to step up to the Golf-sized Elantra GT, which was given a complete overhaul just a few months ago.

Pricing for the 2018 Hyundai Accent (pictured) will be released in the weeks leading up to its on-sale date.