Hyundai design chief promises no more 'boring' styling

Hyundai design chief promises no more 'boring' styling

by Justin King

Luc Donckerwolke wants each model to have its own personality, rather than making everything mesh with a central design.

Hyundai's new design boss, Luc Donckerwolke, has reaffirmed his commitment to spicing up the company's traditionally conservative styling.

Reflecting on his time in South Korea where a solid majority of vehicles on the road are sold by Hyundai or Kia, Donckerwolke argues that there must be more distinction between various models.

"If the cars have the same design, I mean you are creating a really boring landscape," he told reporters at a recent event, according to Motoring. "I don't want to do that."

The design executive will direct the company's design teams to "give each model its own personality," crafted for a specific segment rather than solely focusing on a strict cohesion with a brand's central design language.

Interestingly, the Genesis brand -- with fewer models and limited production volume -- will be more focused on a common design language. The intent will not be an intentionally provocative styling, however, as employed by Lexus and other luxury brands.

"It's not vulgar, it's not excessive," he said. "Genesis will not be loud -- we are self-confident, we are a design-driven brand and we believe in good taste and harmony."

Donckerwolke's influence on the Korean automaker's design philosophies will likely take a few years to evolve from the current lineup.