The Hyundai Ioniq hybrid is more efficient than the Toyota Prius.

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced official economy figures for Hyundai's range of Ioniq hybrid and electric models.

Hyundai designed the hybrid version of the Ioniq to take on the Toyota Prius, and the EPA's fuel economy figures reveal the South Korean company was able to best its Japanese rival. Whereas the Prius manages a solid 54/50/52mpg city/highway/combined, the hybrid Ioniq receives an even better 55/54/55mpg city/highway/combined rating.

The plug-in Ioniq Blue sips fuel at a rate of 57mpg city, 59mpg highway and 58mpg combined. It's also good for about 31 miles on battery power alone.

The all-electric Ioniq isn't quite as impressive as its gas-electric counterparts, with an estimated range of just 124 miles. In comparison, the Chevrolet Bolt can travel up to 238 miles between charges. However, Hyundai promises that a boost to 200 miles is coming by 2018; a 250-mile version of the Ioniq should be on offer by 2020.

It should be noted that the Ioniq is a little more frugal with its use of electricity than the Bolt. It's rated at 136 MPGe combined, versus 119 MPGe combined for the Bolt.