The move hints at internal doubts over the company's previous hydrogen-focused vision for the future of zero emissions vehicles.

Hyundai has reportedly confirmed plans to launch several long-range EVs in the next few years, joining other automakers that are planning to compete in the space currently occupied by the Chevrolet Bolt and forthcoming Tesla Model 3.

The Korean automaker is not just hedging its bets against hydrogen, as EVs are now the focal point of its zero-emissions production roadmap, according to Reuters.

Toyota and Hyundai both maintained unyielding confidence in hydrogen until recently. Odds appear to be stacking against the bet, however, as the Mirai and Tucson Fuel Cell struggle to gain traction in a market served by just a few dozen refueling stations.

Hyundai is said to be on track to introduce a battery powered version of its Kona crossover within a year, with a range target of around 242 miles. The high-riding model will eventually be followed by an all-electric sedan sold under the company's premium Genesis brand.

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The Hyundai lineup will include no less than eight electrified vehicles by 2020.