General counsel Jerry Flannery will serve as the interim CEO until a successor is found.

Hyundai Motor American is again looking for a new chief executive as Dave Zuchowski departs after less than three years on the job.

The company has announced that chief legal and safety officer Jerry Flannery will serve as the interim president and CEO until a successor can be found.

"We appreciate Dave's decade of service to Hyundai, especially his leadership as president and CEO, which has made us a stronger organization," Flannery said in a statement.

Hyundai suggests the move is a "continuation of a reorganization" that began last month when the company replaced its US heads of customer satisfaction, corporate communications and human resources.

The simultaneous 'retirements' and Zuchowski's coinciding departure suggest the executives were ousted. Multiple sources told Automotive News the CEO was fired after failing to achieve internal sales goals.

The Korean automaker's US deliveries increased by a modest 2.1 percent in the first 11 months of the year, including Hyundai- and Genesis-badged vehicles. The growth rate lags the broader industry, likely due to Hyundai's car-dominated portfolio that mostly missed out on the crossover boom.

Zuchowski recently outlined plans to expand the brand's range of crossovers and focus on better positioning, calling the moves a 'game changer.' He also appeared to support production plans for the well-received Santa Cruz pickup concept. Decisions regarding new products are believed to come from Hyundai's Korean leadership, leaving a bit of mystery surrounding Zuchowski's apparent ouster.

Hyundai has not yet named any potential candidates to fill Zuchowski's role. His predecessor, John Krafcik, stepped down and eventually landed a leadership role at Google's autonomous car project, now known as Waymo.