The Hyundai Veloster's gigantic sunroof can shatter while the cars are driving.

In response to a federal investigation launched a couple of months ago, Hyundai will recall 13,500 examples of its 2012 Veloster compact sporty coupe to replace glass panoramic sunroofs that are prone to shattering.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that it has received 11 complaints from buyers who said that their Veloster sunroofs shattered. According to the government agency, some of the glass sunroofs even shattered while the vehicles were moving at highway speeds. NHTSA says that no injuries have been reported, however.

Hyundai says that a production flaw might have weakened some of the sunroofs while the Velosters were making their way down the assembly line at the Ulsan, South Korea, plant that screws the coupes together. The fix involves an inspection and, if necessary, total replacement of the glass sunroofs.

Not all Velosters feature glass sunroofs: According to Hyundai, only the Veloster Turbo and highly-optioned non-turbo models include the power-retracting glass sunroof.

The recall covers Velosters built between November 1, 2011 and April 17, 2012. Approximate build dates are listed on an identification tag located inside the driver's door well, although Hyundai will begin notifying affected Veloster owners of the recall soon.

Free-of-charge repairs are scheduled to begin next month at the automaker's dealerships.