Hyundai union chief says electric cars 'evil' job destroyers

Hyundai union chief says electric cars 'evil' job destroyers

by Justin King

The union predicts electric cars could kill 70 percent of Hyundai's current manufacturing jobs.

Hyundai's union is apparently predicting a potential employment crisis as General Motors' Korean division threatens bankruptcy and electric cars loom over the horizon.

GM earlier this year announced plans to close a factory in South Korea. The company is now pressuring its union to negotiate a new contract to reduce labor costs at its remaining three factories.

Speaking to Reuters in a recent interview, Hyundai union chief Ha Bu-young says workers at his company are "feeling a sense of crisis" as GM winds down its local operations. The labor leader is more concerned about the future, however, as electric cars are predicted to stretch vehicle lifecycles and reduce initial production labor requirements.

"Electric cars are disasters. They are evil," he said. "We are very nervous."

The union predicts that Hyundai could lose 70 percent of its manufacturing jobs in an era dominated by electric vehicles.