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Hyundai joins push for solid-state batteries

by Justin King

The automaker\'s venture capital arm has invested in Massachusetts-based Ionic Materials.

Hyundai has joined other automakers in pushing for solid-state battery technology, promoted as a potential breakthrough for electric vehicles.

The automaker's venture capital arm has invested an undisclosed amount in Ionic Materials, a privately held Massachusetts-based startup developing a patented solid polymer material that could replace liquid electrolytes.

Ionic claims its "breakthrough polymer" is the first solid electrolyte to fully function at room temperature and be compatible with lithium- and alkaline-based batteries.

Solid-state batteries theoretically address several issues with current lithium-ion cells including safety, energy density and charge degradation.

Researchers and startup companies have been working on solid-state battery tech for many years. None have demonstrated a viable solution for production at scale, however.