Buy a car last month? There's a good chance it was one of these. Full details inside.

With just two selling months remaining in 2012, things are bound to get somewhat interesting during the normally quiet months of November and December.

But last month, the new car market essentially mirrored annual trends, with the Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado taking home the top two spots on the monthly sales chart. The best-selling car was the Toyota Camry, which has a commanding lead over the Honda Accord through the first 10 months of the year. In fact, the strong-performing Camry's sales (344,714 units) are actually slightly above the Silverado's (336,939) so far this year.

Missing out on the top 10 list were the Chevrolet Cruze (19,121), Ford Focus (18,320), Toyota Prius line (16,774 including all four models), Hyundai Sonata (16,773) and Chevrolet Equinox (15,387). The GMC Sierra took home either 15th or 16th place, depending on whether you count each Prius variant separately, with 14,568 deliveries.

The best-selling European-badged car was the 19th place Volkswagen Jetta (13,476 units), while the best-selling European-built model was the 28th place BMW 3-Series (9,729).

The outlook

Hurricane/superstorm Sandy's affect on the new car market will become obvious next month. Sales are likely down significantly in the populous Northeastern corridor for at least the first week or two of the month, but with so many cars set to be ruled as insurance losses, we expect that sales will perk up substantially toward the end of November.

Of course, vehicle supply in the Northeast will remain weak since many brand new cars were also lost to the storm.

The 10 Best-Selling Cars of October 2012

1. Ford F-Series 56,497

2. Chevrolet Silverado 38,739

3. Toyota Camry 29,926

4. Honda Accord 28,349 (includes Coupe)

5. Ram Pickup 25,222

6. Nissan Altima (includes Coupe) 24,623

7. Toyota Corolla/Matrix 20,949

8. Honda Civic (includes Coupe) 20,687

9. Honda CR-V 20,205

10. Ford Escape 19,832