These are the best-selling cars from last year.

After a record-setting 2015, some were calling for a cooling off in 2016. That didn't happen, with automakers posting a second-consecutive year of record sales.Although hundreds of different car models contributed to 2016's overall sales, these 10 nameplates contributed the most to what was another banner year for the United States auto market.

10. Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue continued its meteoric rise in 2016 with sales increasing 14.9 percent to 329,904 units. In fact, Rogue sales were so strong last year that it's now Nissan's best-selling model, surpassing the Altima sedan for the first time ever.

In order to capitalize on that moment, Nissan used the 2017 Detroit auto show to introduce a smaller Rogue Sport. With two distinct models now on offer, look for the Rogue to only increase its sales in 2017.

9. Honda Accord
The mid-size sedan segment has been withering for months now, but the Honda Accord managed to hold relatively steady with just a 2.9 percent market decline in 2016. Despite that drop off, Honda still managed to shift an impressive 345,225 units of the Accord 2016.

2017 could be another down year for Accord, but better days are likely ahead; an all-new model is slated 2018, with stronger sales sure to follow.

8. Toyota RAV4
Like the Nissan Rogue, the Toyota RAV4 continues to ride the sales wave caused by a surge in demand for utility vehicles. Sales of the RAV4 climbed 11.6 percent in 2016 to 352,154 units. The RAV4 is now nipping at the heels of the Honda CR-V for the utility vehicle sales crown.

7. Honda CR-V
Although the Toyota RAV4 may be closing in, the Honda CR-V ended 2016 as the United States' most popular utility vehicle. CR-V sales were up just 3.4 percent to 357,335 units, but part of that modest gain can be attributed to a model year changeover; Honda began phasing out its old CR-V model toward the end of 2016, with the newest model landing just days before the end of the year. We expect better numbers from the CR-V in 2017.

6. Honda Civic
The Honda Civic was one of the few cars that managed to circumvent the SUV onslaught in 2016, with sales of the compact growing 9.4 percent to 366,927 units. It remains to be seen if the Civic will be able to carry that momentum through 2017, but the addition of two performance models (the Si and the Type-R) should certainly help the cause.

5. Toyota Corolla
The Toyota Corolla might not be the most exciting vehicle on the market, but you sure can't knock it when it comes to sales. Last year 378,210 people parked a Corolla in their driveway, marking a 2.7 percent increase over 2015. Toyota recently added a comprehensive safety suite to every Corolla model, which should only increase the compact's popularity in 2017.

4. Toyota Camry
The Toyota Camry maintained its position as America's most popular passenger car in 2016, but its grasp on that top spot is eroding. Sales of the mid-size sedan slid by 9.5 percent, but Camry still managed to post an impressive 388,618 deliveries. It remains to be seen if Toyota can stop the bleeding in 2017, but an all-new model unveiled at the Detroit auto show should help.

3. Ram 1500
Fiat Chrysler's Ram truck division continued to keep its foot on the gas in 2016, with the 1500 pickup accumulating 489,418 sales. That's a 9 percent improvement over 2015. An all-new Ram truck model is still about a year out, but that shouldn't hurt the truck division's outlook for the new year.

2. Chevrolet Silverado
In a year where just about every truck and SUV saw higher sales, the Chevy Silverado managed to post a 4.3 percent decrease to 574,876 units. Interestingly, the smaller Chevy Colorado saw its sales jump by nearly the same number of units that the Silverado fell by in 2016 (+24,295 for the Colorado and -25,668 for the Silverado), indicating the Colorado could be cannibalizing some of the Silverado's sales.

1. Ford F-150
The Ford F-150 topping 2016's best-selling list is just about as shocking as the sun setting in the west. 2016 marked the 40th straight year that the F-150 emerged as the best-selling vehicle in America, and it wasn't even close. And sales show no sings of slowing down — F-150 sales increased 5.2 percent to 820,799 units in 2016. An updated F-150 with new powertrains is on the way for the 2018 model year, so expect the F-150 to return to the top for a 41st consecutive year in 2017.