The QX50 will return; the QX60 hybrid likely won't.

Infiniti is thinning its crossover lineup for the 2018 model year. The QX50 and the QX60 Hybrid are being cleared out of dealer lots, and they won't return in their current form.

Often billed as the sports car of the crossover segment, the QX50 has been on the market since the 2014 model year. It sticks out like a sore thumb in Infiniti's family portrait because its styling is influenced by the brand's previous design language. 2017 was its last model year on the market, according to Motor Authority.

The QX50 (pictured) is out of the picture, but it will be replaced by a brand-new model that will make its debut either this fall at the Los Angeles Auto Show, or early next year at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The second-generation model will look a lot like the QX50 Concept introduced during this year's edition of the Detroit show, and it will likely inaugurate the brand's variable compression engine technology.

Motor Authority learned Infiniti also decided to kill the gasoline-electric QX60 due to a lack of demand. Sales were low enough that it became an order-only model in 2017. A spokeswoman for the brand blamed the model's lackluster performance on the mechanical upgrades made to the non-hybrid model. It now returns 22 mpg in a combined cycle, which isn't far from the hybrid's model 26-mpg rating.