Infiniti's Brazilian arm will sell the FX, the JX and a new sports sedan.

Infiniti has announced that it will make its first steps on the Brazilian market in 2014.

For the time being, the automaker plans on opening a dealership in Sao Paulo and another one in Rio de Janeiro, two of Brazil's biggest cities. To continue its expansion, Infiniti will inaugurate several more showrooms in the states of Catarina and ParanĂ¡ before 2017.

Infiniti will try to win over Brazilian car buyers with a lineup that will include the FX crossover, the JX seven-seater SUV and a brand new sports sedan that will be unveiled soon. Where the cars will be built is not known but Brazil's tough laws on imports might force Infiniti to assemble them in a local Nissan plant.

The Japanese automaker sees opening up shop in Brazil as a key step towards becoming a major player in the global auto industry.

"As part of Infiniti's worldwide expansion, Brazil is a logical addition to our footprint for premium car owners," said Johan de Nysschen, President of Infiniti.

The automaker did not specify how many cars it hopes to sell in Brazil each year.

Honda made a similar announcement a month ago when it confirmed its intentions to launch Acura in Brazil by the year 2015.