Known internally as the P14, the car is expected to be named the 720S when it debuts in Geneva.

McLaren's next Super Series model may have slipped into view ahead of its official unveiling in Geneva.

An image posted by Instagram user 'lamborghiniks' is claimed to show the car in apparent final production form. It has been referred to by the internal moniker P14 during the development process, though the expected official nameplate is believed to be 720S.

Carrying forward McLaren's naming scheme, the car should produce 720 PS (710 horsepower). It is expected to be powered by an evolution of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that propels the current 650S and other members of the Super Series family.

McLaren recently released a close-up teaser showing a new active aerodynamic system, which will generate 50 percent more downforce than the current generation. Two separate air ducts split air through the door structure, one routed to the radiators and another to the front of the wheel arch. The 15-percent improvement in cooling efficiency has likely allowed engineers to squeeze more power from the forced induction system.

More details and teasers will undoubtedly surface in the coming weeks.

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