A series of leaked images have apparently revealed the next Mercedes A-Class, but is this car the real thing?

Images of what appear to be Mercedes-Benz' next-generation A-Class have hit the Web. Mercedes recently showed off the A-Class in concept form at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Appearing on the Web site AutoScoops.be, the images appear to show the production version of the all-new A-Class. However, the site failed to reveal the source of the images, so it's impossible to say with any certainty whether this apparent A-Class is the real McCoy.

That being said, the images in question do bear a strong resemblance to the Concept A-Class. Although toned down, the car in question shares the same general front fascia as the concept, including dual air inlets below the lights and a wide lower grille.

A pronounced character line is also accounted for along the side of the car, with the hatch's rear glass mirroring the one seen on the show car. However, the front and rear lights look a little suspicious in the images released today, leading us to believe this could be little more than a Photoshop rendering.

So is this the real deal or just a well done fake? There is plenty of time to debate that question as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class isn't expected to hit our shores until at least 2012.


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