The Audi-owned design firm is hinting at a very limited production run of just five cars.

Italdesign has leaked the final in a series of teaser shots previewing a car to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show.

Having been teased since last December on social media, the images hint at a high-performance sports car of some sort. The legendary design firm, founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro in 1968, was purchased by Audi in 2015, so the assumption is that the mystery vehicle will be some kind of supercar that falls within one of Audi parent company VW Group's brands.

One of the teaser images says that the car will have a "powerful engine, high performances." Combined with Lamborghini's confirmation of the Huracan Performante to bow at Geneva, it's possible that these are the first images of a car claimed to one of the fastest street cars ever produced by the company.

Furthermore, one of Italdesign's images says, "This year we will shine a light on 5 special stories for 5 visionary collectors," hinting that there may only be five examples of the car built. Or, it may mean each of the five will be bespoke as well.

We will have more information when the Geneva Motor Show kicks off March 7.