Ralf Speth stresses it's important to continue investing in diesel technology.

The diesel engine has been on lawmakers' hit list since news of Volkswagen's far-reaching emissions cover-up fiasco made headlines in 2015. Many companies have vowed to phase out diesel-powered cars, but Jaguar - Land Rover (JLR) remains firmly committed to the technology, even in the United States. Company boss Ralf Speth recently explained JLR's position.

"The latest diesel technology is really such a step in emissions, performance, particulates; it's better for the environment when compared to [an equivalent] petrol. Diesel has to - needs to - have a future," he told British magazine Autocar.

Jaguar is one of the numerous companies investing in electric technology. The company is working on turning the I-Pace concept into a production model before the end of the decade. Speth believes electrification is the future, but he warns the shift away from the internal combustion engine won't happen overnight. It will be a gradual process, and diesel technology is the best way to lower emissions until electric cars become more mainstream.

Additionally, Speth doesn't agree with decision-makers on both sides of the pond who have worked overtime to make the diesel engine public enemy number one. He says the technology's bad reputation is unjustified, and he clearly blames Volkswagen for it.

"This kind of manipulation software is not acceptable," he said, referring to the so-called illegal defeat device discovered in Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche engines. "Unfortunately, the whole automotive industry suffers, not just Volkswagen. Nobody believes the automotive industry anymore. They see us as offenders and not giving the right information," he added.

Note: 2017 Land Rover Discovery pictured. Photo by Byron Hurd.