British company in talks with southern states, sources claim.

Jaguar Land Rover is reportedly involved in discussions to build a new factory in the US.

The British automaker already has several facilities at home in the UK, along with a plant in India and another in China, but it has yet to establish any manufacturing capability directly within the North American market.

The company is said to be talking to officials from several southern US states, which currently host facilities from a range of other foreign automakers, unnamed sources have told The Sunday Times.

South Carolina has been named as a potential location for a new plant capable of producing at least 200,000 vehicles annually, fulfilling nearly half of Jaguar Land Rover's global sales.

Previous reports suggested the company was considering a new production facility in Saudi Arabia, however the plans have yet to materialize. The latest information suggests the Middle East initiative has been put on the back burner in favor of North America.

Jaguar Land Rover has dismissed the allegations as merely "speculation," but acknowledges general ambitions to "expand its international manufacturing footprint," according to a statement published by the Liverpool Echo.